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Martini is a file manager for linux, it is written in c and only need Imlib2, glib and fam to work. Martini was written with speed and user-friendly in mind.

The core make use of plugin to display different view (icons, list, image, ecc..). In this way it's very simple to add new views and to use the program in different environment. In fact don't depend by any specific desktop such as gnome or kde.

Martini try to be more freedesktop standard as possible and follow this specification: mime-spec, icon-theme, thumbnail-spec.

For now I have quite finish the GtkIcon and GtkList plugin. There are also, but in really early stage, an Icon plugin that use the new EFL for the best eye-candy experience and a text plugin for all the console lovers.

Martini is really small and fast and don't make use of any special Desktop Environment facilities. It can be used in any environment such gnome, kde, enlightenment, and so on.

The program as an integrated image thumbnailer, and can make use of external thumbnailer helper. As you can see in the screenshots section the image thumbnailer engine can apply fancy (themable) border to the miniature.
The thumbnail are Freedesktop compliant.

The user interface it's clean and simple; All the user interaction is made by DnD and the use of contextual menu.

Martini is under heavy development and can waste your file and eat all your memory.


Martini is made by
Please write to me any comment, suggestion and whatever you like or dislike.


Martini is available under the GNU General Public License v2.