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latest version: 0.1.0
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Martini Features

Martini is really small and fast and don't make use of any special Desktop Environment facilities.
It can be used in any environment such gnome, kde, enlightenment, and so on.

Martini follow this standards to be more compatible as possible:
  • X Window System Drag and Drop Protocol
  • MIME Shared Info
  • Thumbnail
  • Icon Theme
  • Rox Application Directory
  • Trash Spec (not yet implemented)

    This is the list of the standard drafts that will be implemented when they become more stable.
  • Startup Notification
  • Desktop Entry
  • Clipboard

    Device Automouter
    Martini make the mount process of any storage device transparent to the user.
    You just have to connect your USB-Stick (or any other device) to have it appear in the goto menu
    If a device is not yet mounted then pmount is executed trasparently.
    HAL is used to find filesystems attached to the system, also when they are not mounted end not listed in the fstab file.

    The program as an integrated image thumbnailer, and can make use of external thumbnailer helper.
    As you can see in the screenshots section the image thumbnailer engine can apply fancy (themable) border to the miniature.
    The thumbnail are Freedesktop compliant.

    File Monitor
    Martini use FAM to monitor change made on the filesystem.

    Martini use script like nautilus do.

    Application Directory
    Application directory are self contained applications.
    Read more about Application Directory on the Rox Wiki

    XWindow Primary Clipboard
    Martini support the primary linux-style copy/paste operation.
    If you select some file and press the mouse middle button in another directory then the selected file will copyed to the new location in one-click