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Martini News

Latest News
First public release available!
14 Now 2005
Today the first public release is out!
I have uploaded the first martini package in the Download section.
It's the first candidate for the 0.1 release, so the version number is 0.1.0
Expect frequently update at this stage.
If you want to test it have a look at the README file for compiling instruction.
Remember it's a development release and could make damage to your system.
Tango Icon Library
11 Nov 2005
I have found the Tango Project.
It is the first Freedesktop compliant icon theme, good work.
The theme is not complete yet and lacks some icon I must have, so
for now I have made a modified version of the theme that is included
in the martini source tree.
You can find more information about the project on Tango Project
Sourceforge account opened
10 Nov 2005
I have open the Martini account on
The project name is martinifm.
Project status
21 Sept 2005
The first public release is planned for october 2005.
Website up and running
21 Sept 2005
Really thanks to the author of !!
Sorry, I have brutally copy your site but was grate :)